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Consider Carefully!
Before you decided take up any loan.

1.Can I apply?
A)You can apply online or come to our office.

2.What are the documents require to bring?
A) Singaporean/PR
*Latest Original Payslip
*CPF statements
*Original PUB Bill or Handphone Bill stating your residential address

3.What if I cannot go within the operation hours?
A)Call us to arrange for appointment.

4.How do I know whether my loan had been approved?
A) We will inform you once your loan had approved.

5.Can I request to know the reason if my loan is rejected?
A)It is our company policy not to disclose any information in this regard.

6.Can i still apply loan if my credit is not perfect?
A)You can apply online or come to our office.

7.If my loan is approved, can I reject it?
A)Yes you may reject the loan if you had not come down to sign the Document.

8.Can I reloan after i paid off my loan?
A)Yes,we will grant you another loan provided you are eligible at time of application subject to rule and regulations of moneylender's act.

9.Can I reloan if i already had an existing loan?
A)Yes, just give us a call and we will help you to process the new application.

10.What do i need to upon my loan approved?.
A)You need to come down to our office to sign the documents.

*Sands Credit Pte Ltd reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions at any point of time .

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